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Roger Dubuis Replica is the official timekeeper of Manchester United

Manchester United, one of the most famous and successful soccer clubs around the world has chosen Roger Dubuis Replica Watches as its official timekeeper. Roger Dubuis Replica and the English Premier League have signed a sponsorship agreement for three years. Roger Dubuis Replica will appear on the Old Trafford scoreboard and the digital advertising panels of the stadium as the official timekeeper. Roger Dubuis Replica timekeepers are also present in the players' dressing rooms at Old Trafford, the Aon training facility, and the offices of the club in Manchester, London, and Hong Kong. Final plans were made to create the collaborative pieces that will feature the iconic crest of United and will be marketed to United fans around the world.

Gregory Thumm and Rio Ferdinand

Richard Arnold, the Group Managing director of Manchester United, said that although the two companies are from different industries, they share many values.Replica Rolex Datejust We were both founded within a few years of one another and have grown to be global leaders in our respective fields. Gregory Thumm is the president of Roger Dubuis Replica and he agrees with the official of the club: "Innovation, thinking from the inside-out, and striving to be the best are traits that both Manchester United, and Roger Dubuis Replica Corporation share."

Before the Roger Dubuis Replica deal, Hublot was Manchester United's partner for watchmaking.

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