NGC4565 Needle Galaxy
The NGC4565 Needle Galaxy presents a classic view on an edge-on galaxy. It lies about 40 million light-years away. Stretching about 200,000 light-years in length, it is almost the same size as the M31 Andromeda Galaxy, but is actually brighter. Galaxy NGC4562 is easily visible at the top-left of the image, galaxy IC3571 is the tiny smudge straight below the center of the Needle Galaxy, and galaxy IC3546 is at the bottom-left edge. North is at the bottom.
Scope/Mount: TS-Optics PhotoLine 130mm F7 APO Refractor with Astro-Tech AT2FF Field-flattener, Celestron CI-700 Mount
Camera: ZWO ASI1600MMC monochrome with ZWO LRGB filters
Guiding: QHY5L-IIM through Orion Thin OAG, PHD guiding software
Exposure: L (90) 120 sec @ gain=300, RGB: each channel (10) 120 sec @ gain=200
Software: Nebulosity, PixInsight
Comment: 04-23-2022, Tierra del Sol, CA, good conditions.