Markarian's Chain of Galaxies
Markarian's Chain is a cluster of 8 galaxies that are moving together through space, with the nearest member located about 60 million light-years from Earth. Following the arc from center-right to top-left are M84, M86, NGC4435/NGC4438, NGC4458/NGC4461, NGC4473, and NGC4477. Bright galaxy M87 at the lower-left is not part of this chain. About 50 galaxies can been seen is this image, some quite dim, all part of the Virgo Cluster of galaxies which sports over 2000 members!

Scope/Mount: StellarVue SV70T Refractor with SFFR-70APO Focal-reducer/Field-flattener, Celestron CI-700 Mount
Camera: ZWO ASI1600MMC monochrome with ZWO LRGB filters
Guiding: QHY5L-IIM through Orion Thin OAG, PHD guiding software
Exposure: L (90) 120 sec @ gain=80, RGB: each channel (10) 120 sec @ gain=139
Software: Nebulosity, PhotoShop CS2
Comment: 03-30-2019, Tierra del Sol, CA, good conditions.