M53 Globular Cluster
M53, appearing a little to the top-right of the center of the image, is a Globular Cluster that measures about 220 light-years across and lies about 58,000 light-years from Earth. It contains over 500,000 stars, and is one of the more distant globulars in our galaxy. M53 is somewhat unusual in the fact that it has a relatively high number of "blue stragglers", stars that have a blue tint due to interaction with other stars. The object to the bottom-left of M53 is NGC5053, an irregular globular cluster. NGC5053 contains about 3,500 stars and is obviously less densely packed.

Scope/Mount: StellarVue SV70T Refractor with SFFR-70APO Focal-reducer/Field-flattener, Celestron CI-700 Mount
Camera: ZWO ASI1600MMC monochrome with ZWO LRGB filters
Guiding: QHY5L-IIM through Orion Thin OAG, PHD guiding software
Exposure: L (30) 120 sec @ gain=80, RGB: each channel (10) 120 sec @ gain=139
Software: Nebulosity, PhotoShop CS2
Comment: 05-24-2019, Tierra del Sol, CA, moderate dew but Dew-Zapper dew-strap wins!