IC2177 Seagull Nebula
The IC2177 Seagull Nebula is an H II region located 3,650 light-years from Earth. The combined H II region, reflection nebula, and dust clouds stretch about 240 light-years across. The head of the seagull is nebula NGC2327. Open cluster NGC 2343 is just below the center of the image, and open cluster NGC2335 is just to the left of center. North is to the left.

Scope/Mount: StellarVue SV70T Refractor with SFFR-70APO Focal-reducer/Field-flattener, Celestron CI-700 Mount
Camera: ZWO ASI1600MMC monochrome with ZWO LRGB filters
Guiding: QHY5L-IIM through Orion Thin OAG, PHD guiding software
Exposure: Duo (90) 120 sec @ gain=300, RGB: each channel (10) 120 sec @ gain=200
Software: Nebulosity, PixInsight
Comment: 02-05-2022, Tierra del Sol, CA, crescent moon, ZWO Duo filter used for Luminance channel, (D)RGB.