IC1396 Elephant's Trunk Nebula
IC1396 is actually the Cepheus Bubble region of ionized gas that has a field of view of about 3 degrees. It is often called the Elephant's Trunk Nebula because of the dark horizontal structure on the right side of the image. The trunk is a star forming region, illuminated by nearby star HD206267 just to its right. It is located 2,400 light-years from Earth, and is about 30 light-years across. North is at the top.

Scope/Mount: Orion ED80 Doublet Refractor with AstroTech AT2FF Field Flattener, Celestron CI-700 Mount
Camera: Orion StarShoot Pro V2 one-shot color
Guiding: QHY5L-IIM through Orion Deluxe OAG, PHD guiding software
Exposure: (24) 10 min
Software: Nebulosity, PhotoShop CS2
Comment: 10-14-2017, Tierra del Sol, CA, moderate wind, some hazy clouds.